The Caucasus School of Technology offers Undergraduate Program in Electronics and Computer Engineering, that have been developed based on the international accreditation requirements and the current and expected demands of the local labor market. 


The program includes basic courses in Math, Information Technology and Physics, which lays a strong foundation to acquiring courses in the Computer Engineering, Communication and Electronics.


The program gives students an opportunity to master English language at an advanced level by offering intensive courses in English language during the first two years of the program.


The most important component final requirement of curriculum is the Bachelor’s Thesis. It implies the development and presentation of an actual product by a student or a group of students with the support of instructors. They provide advice to students during each stage of a project development.


Internships and Job Placements


The program’s structure allows students to be “job ready” early in the program by completing internships and supervised job placements. They have many opportunities for career advancement. Students will be offered to be part of the coordinated internship programs or find a job placement through the support of the Career Services Office of CU.