program structure


Program progress and structure


The first and second semesters are conducted in Georgia, based on the principle of intensive course. Lectures are held in the form of two-week modules (4 hours per day). Students will spend the third semester in Germany. In the fourth semester, the student is given the opportunity to choose to do an internship in Germany (provided by TH WILDAU), at a local company and work on a master's thesis or return to Georgia and complete the thesis under the guidance of a German professor.


Compatible with modern international standards, the program enables the student to acquire deep theoretical knowledge in the content field and to master good practical skills. The thoughtful proportion of the theoretical and practical components of the program provides the basis for a graduate to pursue a career as a prospective Digital Logistics Managements specialist, both in Georgia and abroad. The program includes engineering, overall management and information technology topics that represent important components of digital logistics management.


The program consists of 120 ECTS credits. Caucasus University uses European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to describe volume of expected work from the students. 


Digital logistics management specialized component - 108 ECTS; 


  • Obligatory courses -72 ECTS;       
  • Elective courses - 6 ECTS;       
  • Master Thesis - 30 ECTS;


Learning courses of free component - 12 ECTS;   


  • Obligatory courses of university - 6 ECTS;       
  • Elective couses of university - 6 ECTS. 



For Details see the Program Handbook