Caucasus School of Technology, Caucasus University is pleased to announce its call for applications for the Graduate Program in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Management.

Are you looking for a job promotion in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY? Our Graduate Program in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Management is the best way to achieve this goal. The program is for those individuals who want to advance their professional career in IT leadership, through gaining strong set of technical and managerial skills which is necessary to succeed in the IT field.

Program has a number of significant features:

Modern Curriculum: today you can hardly find programs in Georgia in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Management, that have modern curriculum indorsed by the world's leading IT organizations.

Combination of Technical and Managerial Skills: The program curriculum has more technical focus but at the same time gives good understanding of business operations and strategy. Today at the time of global competition, organizations are in need of people with complex knowledge and skills. Particularly high need is for those people who have combined knowledge of business and technology: with deep expertise in technology and good knowledge of business strategy. These are the highly demanded skills that you can gain through the program.

Very flexible: each course is taught once a week, in the evenings, allowing the working students to attend lectures after the workday has finished. Students choose whether to take two or up to four subjects per semester.

Good price for the Quality Program: the cost of one credit is 82,5 GEL, total fee 9900 GEL. Also student can receive a government grant by gaining high scores in Graduate Examinations. In such case the amount received through the government grant is deducted from the tuition fee.

Affordable payment plan: students pay only for the number of courses registered in a given semester.

Program working language is Georgian / English.
Students must have high level of English proficiency.