A prerequisite for admission to the PhD program of the Caucasus School of Law is the successful completion of the competitive procedure planned at the university (interview with the admissions committee). 


Candidates for PhD studies at the Caucasus University School of Law must submit an application to the secretary of the Dissertation Board addressed to the President of Caucasus University, which must include the name of the PhD program. The following documents must be attached to the application:


  • Online registration form
  • Contestant's CV (education and labor activity data), a certified copy of the master's or equivalent academic degree certificate and an appendix, and in the case of mobility, (along with the above-mentioned document) a certified copy of the enrollment order, syllabi, and evaluations of completed educational courses. In the case of receiving education abroad, a document confirming the authenticity of the diploma is also required.
  • Copy of identity document (ID card/passport).
  • 4 photographs, size 3X4 (cm) (printed and digital version on CD)
  • Recommendation of two specialists with the degree of Doctor of Law in the field chosen by the contestant
  • Recommendation of the future scientific leader and approval for leadership
  • Motivation letter
  • International certificate of English language proficiency at B2 level. In the absence of a certificate (IELTS-6.0; TOEFL-78; or another relevant international B2 level certificate), the university ensures knowledge of the said language at the B2 level through an internal test. The applicant's bachelor's or master's academic degree obtained abroad (in the case of successfully completing the program in the specified language) is equivalent to relevant language competence.


In the absence of a certificate, the university provides an internal test to determine the knowledge of the English language at B2 level (see exam sample)   


  • A candidate whose native language is not Georgian presents a certificate confirming knowledge of the Georgian language (B2 level)
  • A paper that should be devoted to a relevant issue(s) for future dissertation research. The thesis topic is chosen by the PhD student in agreement with the supervisor. The paper should be no less than 400 words without appendices. All pages must be numbered consecutively, leaving no blank spaces or pages. The text should be written on A4 format (297X210 mm) paper with a density of 80 g/m2, the font - Sylfaen, the minimum font size for page numbers and footnotes - 10. A larger font size may be used in headings and subheadings. The spacing for the main text of the paper is 1.5. The text should be printed on one side only. A margin of 30 mm should be left on the left side of the page, and 20 mm on the other sides. A copy of the certificate of correspondence or military ticket (for military servicemen)


The applicant may optionally submit: 


  • Proof of work experience
  • Proof of pedagogical experience
  • Other relevant documents


Prerequisites and evaluation criteria for admission to the interview:


Upon submission of the necessary documents, the contestant will be admitted to the interview. 

12.2.  The contestant goes through an interview in front of the admission commission, whose composition is approved by the president of Caucasus University on the recommendation of the dean of the Caucasus School of Law. The order is published together with the announcement of acceptance. 

12.3. The candidate's personal data will be reported to the commission by the secretary of the Dissertation Council.

12.4. A candidate will be considered enrolled in a PhD program if their grade average is at least 51 points.

12.5. The members of the PhD program admission commission evaluate the candidate according to a special evaluation form (criteria).

12.6. The maximum total score is 100. 

12.7. In the case of a competition, during the selection of the candidate, at the discretion of the commission, in addition to the minimum documents provided, the candidate should submit additional information and materials.




It is possible to submit documents for the PhD program in law in 2024.


  • Deadline for receiving documents - June 3 - September 6, 2024
  • The English exam will be held on September 9, 2024
  • Candidates will be interviewed on September 10, 2024


Terms of payment


The cost of the PhD program at the Caucasus Schol of Law is 18,000 GEL (6,000 GEL per year).