Interactive spaces

Canteen - University Cafeteria. During large breaks, CU students spend time in this space.


Literary Cafe - This is the University Literary Cafe, where our students spend their free time with friends.



Library - The library includes the necessary educational, scientific and additional literature for the specialties available at the university. The electronic library occupies an important place among library resources. Computers are located on the second floor of the library and students have the opportunity to perform group projects and presentations in this space.



Librarea Bookstore - In Librarea you can buy books and branded items from Caucasus University. The space is designed for various interesting events such as public lectures, book presentations, exhibition-sales. Spending time here is very enjoyable.






Conference Hall - Caucasus University Conference Hall hosts international and domestic school conferences, public lectures, cultural events and other meetings. CU Hall Is the official host of Intellect Club “What? Where? When?”