15 May 2023

On May 15, a meeting with Lithuanian writers was held in the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea".


Invited writers were: Birute Jonuskaite - prose writer, translator, poet, essayist, chairman of Lithuanian Writers' Union; Laura-Cynthia Cerniauskaite - prose writer, poet, member of the Writers' Union of Lithuania; Kazimera Kazievaite - prose writer, children's author; Danute Kalinauskaite - prose writer; Lina Simutite - prose writer, screenwriter, director of literary plays and translator of plays Nana Devidze will present an anthology of contemporary Lithuanian women's prose. The meeting chaired by Levan Kakliani, a Georgian philology student at Caucasus University, and professor Mariam Manjgaladze.


The event is supported by the Georgian Calligraphers Association.


At the end of the meeting, the writers were given branded gifts from Caucasus University and were given a campus tour.