14 November 2022

DefCamp-2022 has successfully finished. DefCamp is the largest cyber security event in Europe. It started in 2011 and is held annually, in Bucharest where comes cyber security and hacking community, IT companies from over the world.


The first representative as a key speaker in DefCamp was chosen in 2018 and he was the president of SCSA, Professor Maksim Iavich. This year, the first time, DefCamp has chosen two Key Speakers from Georgia: the president of SCSA, affiliated professor at Caucasus University, Director of Caucasus Cyber Security Center - Maksim Iavich and a technical director of SCSA, cyber security lecturer at Caucasus university and Cyber Security Researcher at Caucasus Cyber Security Center – Giorgi Akhalaia.


They gave a talk about:


  • The model of post-quantum signature using Verkle Tree (M. Iavich)
  • Device Tracking Threats in 5G Network (G .Akhalaia)


Representatives from various countries and organizations presented news and challenges in cyber space. The topics covered AI in cyber world, Quantum computers and cryptography, attack vectors and vulnerabilities against modern security mechanisms (like antimalware, firewalls). Also, the experts demonstrated cyber incidents (done by non-technical cyber-attacks) against the leading companies.


In parallel with the conference, CTF village was organized, where the professional hackers had to solve different challenges on educational platforms.