The International School "Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence" has ended

10 November 2023

The seasonal school project - International School "Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence" was successfully completed.


The head of the seasonal school was Professor Maksim Iavichi, and lectures were also given by Giorgi Iashvili and Avtandil Gagnidze. The project featured world-class specialists, including Professors Harald Wertz from France, Audrius Lopata and Ilona Veitaite from Lithuania, Ravi Rao from the United States of America, Razvan Bocu from Romania, Roman Odarchenko from Ukraine, and Sherzod Gulamov from Uzbekistan.


The project was on the basis of Caucasus University with financial support from the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia, East-West University, and East European University. The Caucasus Cyber Security Center and the Scientific Cyber Security Association also had big role in organizing the project.


Within the school, students studied cyber security, artificial intelligence and its use in cyber security.


Seasonal school workshops were held from October 23 to November 7. All participants of the program received a certificate.