Cyber Security League

14 June 2022


On June 13, the first hackathon/tour of the Cyber ​​Security League was held in the conference hall of Caucasus University.


The hackathon was open to teams of X-XII grade students who performed cyber security/hacking tasks on a specially trained platform. The assignments presented on the platform were specially designed for the appropriate age category.


The event was hosted by: Shota Nizharadze, Dean of the Caucasus School of Technology, Maxim Iavich, Professor at the Caucasus University and Director of the Cyber ​​Security Center, Giorgi Iashvili, Associate Professor at the Caucasus University and Deputy Director of the Cyber ​​Security Center.


The winning teams of the hackathon were given vouchers from the Caucasus Bookstore "Librarea", and each student received a certificate of participation.


It should be noted that the Cyber ​​Security League was organized by the Cyber ​​Security Center of the Caucasus University with the participation of Georgian schools, within the framework of which the annual team championship among 10-12 grade students will be held on a seasonal basis (once in 3 months).