A person with a complete general education has the right to study at the Electronics and Computer Engineering undergraduate educational program. A prerequisite for admission to the program is the unified national exams, which are provided by a legal entity under public law - the National Center for Evaluation and Examinations.


Subjects to be passed:


  • Georgian language and literature;
  • Foreign language (English or German or Russian or French);
  • Third compulsory subject: Mathematics or Physics


Documents to be provided:


  • School Certificate (Original)
  • Copy of Military Registration Certificate (for male applicants)
  • 2 Copies of the Identity Card
  • 2 Copies of Birth Certificate
  • 2 Photos 3x4 (Also Electronic Version Recorded on CD)
  • Exam Card for The Unified National Exams (You Can Print It from The Applicant's Personal Page)
  • Additional Information Form #1 (Download, Fill and Submit with Other Documents)