A person with a bachelor's degree with at least 180 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in an engineering or scientific field and a subject-related orientation is eligible to study at the master’s degree program in Digital Logistics Management.


The Admission Requirements are:       


  • Bachelor's degree in relevant fields. For detailed information regarding the relevant degree, please click the link
  • The Unified Masters Exam (For Georgian Citizens);       
  • The internal entrance written exam (includes components of English comprehension and writing according to B2 level and logical and quantitative reasoning questions). Test Sample;
  • The internal oral exam/interview with the Joint Academic Committee (JAC) 


Papers to be submitted


  • Completed  online application form
  • Certified copies of your undergraduate diploma & transcripts
  • Copy of ID card
  • One letter of Recommendation
  • Notarized translation of documents if they are issued in a foreign language
  • 1 passport size photo/CD




  • Document submission - September; room A2
  • Admission and Grant Testing: September, 2024
  • Interview with the admission committee: September, 2024


Tuition fee:


  • For residents - 10 000 €
  • For non-residents - 14 000 €



Funding for the Master's Program in Digital Logistics


Applicants for a master's degree at Caucasus University have a unique opportunity to obtain funding for the master's program in digital logistics.


CU-DLM grant can be obtained by all applicants who complete the program application and successfully pass the grant competition.


There are three types of funding for the program:


  1. CU-DLM Grant covers the tuition fee of the full program, totaling 2,000 euros.(for residents)
  2. AState grant that will finance 780 euros (for residents)
  3. DAAD Grant: Awarded in the second year of study, this grant amounts to 11,800 euros in total.


CU-DLM grant in numbers


Funding can be obtained by completing the application form and successfully passing the grant competition, which includes testing and an interview with the admissions committee.


Annual program fee*

Annual fee after obtaining a CU-DLM grant (without a state grant)-1 000 €*

Annual fee after obtaining CU-DLM and state grant 790 € (2250 ₾)*

5 000 €

4 000 €

3 210 €


DAAD grant 


You can receive funding during the second year of your master's degree. The candidate is selected by a special commission, that will choose the best students based on the defined criteria.


The student receives a study grant of 934 euros per month for 12 months, totaling 11,208 euros. In addition to the scholarship, they receive up to 675 euros for a round-trip ticket fee to Berlin.


Please check the price in the Common Master's Examination Guide at: NAEC.GE when making your choice.


If the student does not stay at Wildau University in Germany during the last semester of study, they will receive funding for 6 months, totaling 5,604 euros.


* Tuition fees for the master's program may change in case of fluctuations in exchange rates.


** The state grant is issued in GEL, so its conversion to euros is conditional and subject to change based on the exchange rate at the time of you receiving the state grant.